A James Beard New York City trip diary

Well dear friends, what a thrill! I spent part of last week in New York City, where I attended the dinner for the James Beard Foundation Book, Broadcast and Journalism Awards (This story was nominated). It took a massive logistical childcare effort AND a makes-me-cry-it-was-so-amazing community airplane ticket fundraising campaign (THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO DONATED OMG!), but I got there. Here I am with my friend Meg in a new dress, on the (very short) red carpet: IMG_0461 It was pretty amazing. Look, my once-every-three-years manicure: IMG_0434 I spent the evening in a giant room full of food people. Here’s my Eater.com editor Helen Rosner. She’s a talent. And, more important, she has supernatural selfie-taking skills. (I, on the other hand, look insane.) IMG_0451 And, here’s Martha Stewart. You can’t see it in this picture but she’s wearing black-sequin pants. I wanted to talk to her but in the end, this is how close I got. Still, I’m satisfied. IMG_0456 So, I did not win a James Beard Award. It went to the India Issue of Saveur. (Which Helen was also involved with editing). But, I did get to eat a delicious meal. Check it: IMG_0453 And I had wonderful time and met lots of interesting people, who all wanted to know everything about Alaska. I told them all to go to Homer. Here are some highlights … I met Molly Wizenberg (who won a James Beard), the blogger behind the cool Seattle-based food blog Orangette. IMG_0465 And, I had a totally hipster, sweet pea Moscow mule, prepared by a handsome bartender with a lumberjack beard at the after-party in a warehouse space. It felt very cool. (I lasted about 45 minutes and then I slipped out the door, traded my heels for some Birkenstocks and headed home, where I fell into a coma-like sleep. #old) IMG_0467 I visited with an editor at Buzzfeed. (Look, inside Buzzfeed!) IMG_0526 And NewYorker.com, which is located in the crazy-tall Freedom Tower. IMG_0518 Here is the view from the 35th Floor. IMG_0519 I also made a quick stop to say hello to a friend at the New York Times. I love the New York Times. IMG_0534 And, I walked around until I got blisters on my feet, a tradition. Look! The Flatiron Building!IMG_0525 And, a secret courtyard in the West Village. IMG_0598 And this, a gorgeous blooming tree. IMG_0482 And, a guy sitting on a bucket, playing a grand piano in the middle of Washington Square Park. Because springtime. IMG_0476 I am so grateful to get to make such an epic trip. Thanks to everybody! Tommy watched the boys for two overnights because Sara had a business trip too. I brought him a Panama hat. IMG_0607 And, because you read all the way to the end of the post, a bonus! That’s Julia Child’s head my face is in! (And that is Mr. James Beard.)