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    • Hey there Julia, Just caught your article on Palin over at The Guardian and it looks like the troll/extol pile-on is in full swing (
      I couldn’t figure out how to comment there, but wanted to compliment you on a very human story, told well. Thanks for taking such a cariacature and reminding us all that there’s a human in there, a fellow being. Sarah’s politics, as expressed through the machinery of the public, are abhorrent. Yet that’s not the full picture, and you remind us of that truth. Thanks: I really appreciated reading that piece. Go well and may you find all the adventures that await.

    • Hi Julia, About 10? 15? Years ago I contacted you trying to find Aunt Barbara, old roomie, friend, dance partner, and patient. The phone was disconnected. I got it into my head that she had changed her address? got married? and started to search for her. A head injury and lost time … well, I tracked her down… married and in Portland! What skills I have! You have brought back my friend! :)xxoo

    • This is an old article but timeless… ah! Such good memories. A cute little girl last time I saw you. I’m so thrilled you have found your calling. Your writing is so like your Aunt Barbara’s, sitting at the kitchen table, smoking, content… just enjoying life & the view of the ” shooting gallery” across the street, the stream of cabs and night walkers trying to pretend that wasn’t their stop.

    • Greetings, Julia,

      I lived with your Aunt Barbara in the early 1990’s. Man, oh, man, did she made a big impact on my life. I can still see her coming down the kitchen stairs in her powdered blue nighty, ready to light up a smoke, brew a strong pot of coffee, and hop on the phone. Loved her Yoshida salmon. Many more memories to share with you. Glad you’re keeping the O’Malley flame alive!

    • Hello Julia,
      I’m with Cultivar Cider. We’re launching a new collaboration beer between our 49th State Brewing and Cultivar Cider Company brands. I’m reaching out to you because of the connection to AK agriculture and foods. Apple production efforts in AK date back to 1902 (that’s as far back as I’ve found) and we’re excited to feature a product that uses Alaskan apples. I’d love to tell you more!

    • I used to bake for The Bread Factory and Cafe Europa, in Anchorage in the 1980’s. I saw you article on Cafe Del Mundo, I was wondering what happened to Cafe Europa and The Bread factory?

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