Holiday popovers on KTUU (with other GF brunch ideas!)

KTUU’s lovely Rebecca Palsha came to our house this week to make one of my favorite breakfasts, popovers! These are great because they are airy, gluten free and can be made savory (with a sprinkle of herbs, or even sub a little fat from your Christmas roast for butter) or sweet. My assistant Neri, naturally, steals the show. (Watch the clip here.)

A couple of notes: You’ll see me putting little pats of butter in the muffin tin in the video. That makes the popovers have slightly softer and heavier, mini dutch-baby kind of texture. For a lofty, crunchy traditional popover, leave the butter out. Here’s my recipe. (It’s a little different that what’s on the KTUU site.)

If you’re looking for other holiday brunch ideas (that happen to be gluten free), you might try my friends Noam and Tamar’s delicious shakshuka with labneh. Or Tutka Bay Lodge-style red flannel hash. Easy GF waffles. Or maybe just some Italian biscotti.

Happy holiday brunching!