For ADN: Anchorage’s bagels are better than ever. You just have to know where to find them.

What was it that punched a hole in the once-crowded bagel market in Anchorage? Adkins? Keto? The rise of gluten-free?

Let us pause now — moment of silence — for the long-lived Alaska Bagel restaurant, which closed during the pandemic, last of its kind. After that, some called Anchorage a “bagel desert.” Residents had no choice but to lay their lox upon mass-produced Outside bagels, spongy Costco bread rounds or the ageless waxy-skinned dough loops of the bread aisle.

But Alaskans, motivated by the hunger for Something You Can’t Get Here, are experts at fixing these sorts of food problems. This summer, more than a half-dozen small-batch bagel baking operations have sprung up. Artisanal carb deals, brokered over the internet, are going down in parking lots, farmers markets and fitness studios. Just like that, Anchorage’s bagel selection has grown more diverse and authentic than it’s ever been. You just have to know where to find them and get there before they sell out.

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