21 #SoAnchorage Holiday Delights: #7, a rink near you + the moon

Anchorage is so rinky. We have five city-park rinks. More school rinks than I can count. Westchester Lagoon. And then there are all the ponds and lakes. And on top of that, says my friend Anchorage Parks Foundation Executive Director Beth Nordland, we have one of six Olympic-sized speed-skating ovals in the country right in Midtown. Within a short walk from my house, there are four places to skate outside. Some of the rinks are lighted, but my favorites are the ones that let you skate in the dark, hopefully by moonlight.

Don’t have skates? You can rent them from Play It Again Sports. It costs only $12 for a day (with a $50 deposit).  You can buy used children’s skates there for $20 to $40.

As for the moon? You’re in luck. Tonight it’s just about full.

Sara Boario photo.

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