For Edible Alaska: Cheesecake for people with cancer

In my recipe column in the winter issue of Edible Alaska, I wrote about a bulletproof cheesecake recipe, stolen from long closed Anchorage restaurant, that my uncle makes especially for people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The story starts like this:

My Uncle Tommy, a menschy Girdwoodian in his mid-60s, tends to bake the way some people pray. He’s pagan, so he’d hate this comparison, but I’ve watched how he does it. It’s a regular exercise, contemplative, a little mystical. He often bakes for specific people for specific reasons, the way a church lady might attack a prayer list. He made pie for the mayor at least once after a tense public meeting. He baked for me to ease exhaustion after a new baby. This is the cheesecake he makes when someone has cancer.

Old recipe boxes are full of ghosts, and this isn’t different. It’s based on a famous cheesecake recipe from a restaurant called The Restaurant that existed long ago in Anchorage, at 3rd Avenue and E Street. It says right on it that it was stolen, either by an aunt or a long-deceased family friend. It was modified from restaurant bulk proportions down to one cake, though it still lists the ingredients by weight. …

Find the rest of the story and the recipe here.



One thought on “For Edible Alaska: Cheesecake for people with cancer

  • Magnificent. Thanks, Julia O’Malley. I hope that your friend heals wholly and quickly. It’s not an easy journey, but made lighter and more loving by gestures like this. Also, looks like it will be delicious for sustaining health in those of us lucky enough to have made it through, or to have been faced with other journeys.

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