How have the last two years changed you? Be part of the NEIGHBORS project.

As writer-in-residence at Anchorage Museum for 2022, I’m working on a collaboration between the museum and the Anchorage Daily News, collecting stories from the last two remarkable years and creating ways for residents to share their experiences. We’ve all been through isolation and stress and many of us have experienced significant losses. The idea of the project is to share stories as a way to encourage empathy and rebuild our connections with each other.

The project has three parts: community listening, through a series of interviews and a survey; writing and sharing, through columns in the ADN; and community writing and sharing with classes and other opportunities.

Read more about the first phase of the project in the Anchorage Daily News.

You can participate in story sharing by taking this story survey.

You can also participate in this reflective journaling project. (Follow along on Instagram to read and listen to your neighbors’ writing and find writing prompts.)

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