Join me for a free pop-up mini workshop at Seed Lab

I’ll be leading a number of quick, lunch-hour writing groups, using prompts meant to stimulate reflection on what we’ve been through the last two years and what comes next. These are open to writers at any level. No experience necessary. These groups are an extension of the work we’re doing in with virtual micro-journaling project on Instagram. We’ll write together, give light feedback and talk about revision. All over the course of an hour. Reservation required.

There is room for 6 participants in each group. Please bring a notebook and pen. You may bring a lunch. If you think you’re not going to make it, let me know so we can fill the spot with anyone on the waitlist.

The workshops are held at the Seed Lab, 111 W. 6th Avenue at noon, usually the second and last Wednesdays of each month. Sign up on the museum website to reserve a spot.

Our writing spot at Seed Lab. (Rebecca Pottebaum photo)

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