21 #SoAnchorage Holiday Delights: #3, the nog milkshake

If you have a soft spot for the holiday nog like I do, I’m going to tell you this: it shines bright, maybe brightest, in milkshake form. Look at it (pictured here kind of blurry, but still delicious):

image There is no better place to get such a cheerful, delicious, real-ice cream shake than everybody’s favorite Fairview church of fried chicken, Lucky Wishbone. You don’t even have to go in. You can go through the drive-thru in your minivan wearing the fleece pants you slept in the night before (not that I have done this…okay, I have totally done this). And if you want to get some fries, I’m not going to judge. The only thing is you have to bring a co-pilot, because the restaurant window is on the passenger side. The best part about the Wishbone is that, unlike many places, it has some sanity when it comes to portion size. The small milkshake is a very manageable 12 ounces, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about the calories. Also: For grown-ups, I endorse pouring a little rum in when you get back home.

Mmmm. There it is. My friend Schawna is the hand model. Thanks Schawna!

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  • It’s pretty easy to find a co-pilot when I mention I’m stopping at Lucky Wishbone.

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