See Alaska: Adak in iPhone snaps

Here is a slideshow of my snapshots from the ghost town Aleutian Navy base on Adak. Read about the trip here.  And about Adak’s pet cemetery here.

Bonus spooky video inside an old barracks: [wpvideo OdK653eH]

4 thoughts on “See Alaska: Adak in iPhone snaps

  • Interesting place. My aunt was the judge in Unalaska for years and got too go too adak for work… It was too marry military folks.. Married housing was better then singles housing… Then she’d “divorce” them if they were going too be stationed elsewhere… Stuff that was kept under wraps…

  • Doug, who lives in town (or at least used to), kept the bowling alley open at odd hours at least until 2007, when I bowled a few frames. If the machine didn’t work, he’d trot down there and set the pins himself.

  • This was awesome (and so sad) to look through. I was stationed there from 1/88 to 6/92. The shot of the old video game totally shocked me!! Although I was full time Navy as an Avionics Technician working in AIMD, I worked part time for the Navy Exchange System maintaining all of the video games and jukeboxes on the island. When I started that job all they had were OLD games such as Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids, Centipede, etc… I finally convinced them to let me spend some money and get some new games on the island. One of the first new games I ordered was the one in your picture!! And the Forest.. Holy Crap!! The trees have actually grown!! LOL.. Thanks again!!

  • We were stationed there 1990-1994. My wife worked at PSD and I was at PW both NAS and NSGA. This was out best tour ever, and we would probably still be there if the Navy had not pulled up anchor. These pictures sadden me, but i thank you anyway for making them available.

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