Seven Super-(Sorta)-Secret Sandwiches To Eat This Summer in Anchorage

Bagel sandwich.

I have a group of pals who, like me, like to think of ourselves as sandwich people. Our text chain is called “sandwich parliament” and we meet on the regular to eat at Anchorage restaurants. This town has so many good options, oh man. There’s the grilled cheese at Fromagios dunked in tomato soup, or the mortadella and mozzarella of “the godfather” at Originale, or the melty heat and perfect bread of the “Iditarod” at MVP Sports Deli. I love them all really, but here’s a list of seven of my current favorites, including a few sort of secret stand-outs you might miss at your first pass over a menu. 

For Visit Anchorage. Read on.

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