For Alaska Magazine: Donuts on the edge of the world

Everything in Adak used to be something else. City Hall used to be the high school. The store, which is only open two hours a day (because after that electricity costs eat all the profits), used to be a community center. The Navy-issue hutches holding beer and wine at the liquor store? They used to be in some- body’s living room. The Bluebird Café (one of two restaurants in town) is in a house on a suburban-feeling cul-de-sac. The only way you know it’s a restaurant is the “Open” sign out front. About half the neighboring houses are empty.

See Alaska: Bear TV in Juneau

We had a front row seat to watch two bears making trouble in the Starr Hill neighborhood in Juneau. (With video!)

Point Hope (food) in iPhone snaps

What do they eat in Point Hope? Here’s a peek at what’s on the plate during the spring whaling feast in one of America’s most northern communities.