Got fresh salmon? I got recipes!

salmon on a plate sprinkled with purple flowers

It’s that time of year when the nets and freezers are full. Here are some of my blog readers’favorite salmon recipes. (Want to make the one above? Here it is: Lazy-beautiful chive blossom salmon)

Potato chip salmon. (Julia O’Malley)

A fillet slathered in mayo and covered in potato chips? If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Potato chip salmon

Alaskaniçoise salad. (Julia O’Malley)

I’m a huge fan of traditional niçoise salad, a French salad made with tomatoes, green beans, boiled eggs, potatoes, pitted black olives, and tuna or anchovies, with a simple dressing of olive oil and salt. It’s healthy, beautiful on the plate, hits lots of satisfying savory notes, and is easy to throw together, with lots of make-ahead components.

My version is heartier and Alaska inspired. It serves as a filling main course, using grilled salmon and vegetables with a ranch-like dressing (a nod to the fact ranch was invented in Alaska).

Alaskaniçoise salad.

Cousin Tanya’s Saltine salmon. (Julia O’Malley)

My cousin whipped up this recipe, now one of my most popular, inspired by dijon chicken she used to love at as a teenager at Simon Seafort’s.

Cousin Tanya’s Saltine Salmon

Cooked salmon, cut into portions, skin side up on a cutting board.
Crispy skin salmon. (Julia O’Malley)

Tips and trips for making a rare fresh salmon with salty, crispy skin.

Crispy-skin salmon.

Smoky savory salmon cakes along with a great accompaniment, Beau Schooler’s wonder-condiment, ranchovy sauce. (Photo by Julia O’Malley)

Beau Schooler sent me this fish cake recipe that uses a combination of salmon trim or freezer fish and smoked fish. Dunk them in “ranchovy,” a wonder-condiment he invented, and they are savory, funky, smoky, perfect.

Beau Schooler’s salmon cakes with ranchovy sauce

sushi rolls on a plate with a small bowl of soy sauce and chopsticks
Salmon skin sushi. (Julia O’Malley)

Secret thing about the salmon skin many Alaskans throw away: It gives a sushi roll awesome umami and crunch.

Salmon skin sushi rolls

salmon dotted with pats of butter
Grilled salmon topped with compound butter (Photo by Julia O’Malley)

When I get home from work to find a thawed fillet waiting in the fridge, my latest quick dinner plan is salt, pepper, a perfect medium-rare grill and a hit of compound butter that I have pre-made and waiting. Dinner can be on the table in 20 minutes or less, depending on the sides.

Compound butter for grilled salmon

Purple leaves, a piece of smoked salmon and lemons in a white bowl
Radicchio caesar salad with smoked fish. (Julia O’Malley)

Try your smoked salmon on this nordic radicchio caesar.

pie viewed from the top
Salmon pot pie or pirok with Parmesan-thyme crust.

Rainy day recipe alert! Here’s a Russian-influenced salmon pot pie.

Salmon portions with carrots, brussels sprouts, and dates on a sheet pan with white yogurt drizzle.
Sheet pan salmon with dates, roasted carrots, brussels, hot honey and yogurt drizzle. (Julia O’Malley)

How about easy/delicious sheet pan salmon with hot honey-mustard, sweet dates, fresh herbs and a tangy yogurt drizzle?

Hot honey sheet pan salmon.

Salmon spread on crackers. (Julia O’Malley)

Be a legend. Build your own signature salmon spread.

smoked salmon and an orange flower in a bowl
Salmon, smoked in an electric smoker. (Julia O’Malley)

Want to learn to smoke salmon in a simple electric smoker? Start here!

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