Did you dial 911? Here are recipes for all your holiday emergencies

red and white pinwheel cookies on a plate

I don’t know what happened, but somehow I’m staring down a week of cooking for family and friends and my food plans are … what’s the word…. hazy? If you are in the same boat, maybe these holiday recipes will help?

Holiday breakfasts:

breakfast focaccia with eggs and sausage in a large sheet pan
Breakfast focaccia with white cheddar and sausage. (Julia O’Malley)

If you’re planning a holiday brunch, you could try my friend Tamar’s shakshuka, or maybe Kirsten Dixon’s red flannel hash with poached eggs, or some gluten-free popovers? Also highly recommended: white cheddar/sausage breakfast focaccia or, my site’s most recent trending recipe, pumpkin brioche cinnamon rolls.

cinnamon rolls in a pan plus one on a plate
Pumpkin brioche cinnamon rolls with coffee frosting. (Julia O’Malley)

Cookies and giftable treats:

Three iced oatmeal cookies on a plate
Copy-cat iced oatmeal cookies. (Julia O’Malley)

Want to make a little giftable holiday treat bag for your mail carrier or neighbor or coworker? Might I suggest: pinwheel cookies, or copy-cat Mother’s iced oatmeal cookies, or maybe some decadent boozy white-chocolate chip cookies? Need a quick gift idea? Customize this granola recipe! Or make some Italian anise biscotti. Want to bring a friend a home-baked present? How about gorgeous star bread?

This holiday star bread is a shout-out to the nostalgic flavors of the anise-scented sweet rolls at The Bake Shop in Girdwood.
(Julia O’Malley)

Dinner and entertaining: Oh no! You have to throw a party and you’re short on time? Here’s how to do it quickly with a single trip to Costco. Is a holiday table complete without Kenai dip? No it is not. (Here’s Maya Wilson’s recipe.) Making dinner for a crowd? How about salmon pot pie with parm-thyme crust, easy baked feta pasta with shallots, Beau Schooler’s quick and hauntingly delicious spaghetti sauce or nuoc cham noodle salad with crispy chicken thighs? If you wanna get fancy, wow your guests on New Year’s Eve with baked Alaska. Oh, and bonus for reading this far: here’s my dad’s figgy pudding recipe. You got this!

Baked Alaska getting toasted. (Kerry Tasker photo)

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